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~ Girl vs Girl ~

Foot Fights - Karate Action - Knock Outs - Domination - Foot Worship - Victory Poses & Much More

More Video Will Be Added & Updated In The Coming Days



Foot Fight - Tori vs Bella

The hottest Foot Fighters around, Tori and Bella go toe to toe and sole to sole in a best 2 out of 3 Foot Fight to the KO finish! Each round both girls give it their all as they use awesome Foot Fighting holds like foot on throat, kicks, stomps, foot slaps, cunt busting and foot smothers to DeFeet their opponents! It goes down to the third and final round...who will win? Who will be DeFeeted and posed over?

13 Min - $12.99



Slut Destruction

The KOs are never ending in this hot clip as dominant Tori KOs worthless slut, Olivia, over and over again until she's been smashed, trashed, smothered and kos 9 times! Tori even forces her to worship her big feet before finishing her off with a super hot KO!

11 Min - $10.99



Karate Foot Fight

Sexy Black Belt Foot Fighters, Tori and Bella bow to each other and the feet fight battle begins! Its a best 2 out of 3 KO match where the loser must kiss the winners feet and losers her prized black belt forever before being KOd for a final time under the winners victorious sole! This clip is packed with kicks, foot domination, kitty busting, face smashing and foot smothers!

10 Min - $9.99




Tori shows off all her awesome wrestling moves in this one sided match that includes foot smothers, match book fold over, belly punches, foot chokes, cobra clutches and much more! Poor Olivia is trashed in this video and doesn't stand a chance of winning against the vicTORIous one!

7 Min - $6.99



Silenced By Soles

Foot Smothering Black Belts, Bella and Tori use their karate and Foot-Jitsu skills to beat each other up and foot smother each other out at the end of each round! Both girls scream KIYA as they chop, stomp and kick each other into submission before being silenced by their rivals BIG karate soles! At the end when the score is tied, there can only be one winner but there is a surprise at the end that you wont want to miss.

10 Min - $9.99



Gone For Good

Tori is the newest and most popular yoga instructor at the gym, but her arch rival, Bella, has a big problem with that! She confronts Tori after class and tells her that it isn't fair and that Tori has to go, but Tori isn't going any where! The two yoga hotties agree to fight it out and the first girl to lose and get KOd 3 rounds will be gone for good, never to return again! Tori then proceeds to crush Bella with all her power! She scissors, match book pins her, belly punching, breast busting, kitty crushing, foot choking and foot smothering Bella out for 3 awesome and victorious rounds with sexy victory poses by the hot winner, Tori!

13 Min - $12.99



Foot-Jitsu: Dragonlily vs Cheyenne

SPECIAL PRICE! Foot-Jitsu Fighters, Dragonlily and Cheyenne go 3 karate foot fighting rounds to see who will win the best 2 out of 3 Foot-Jitsu match. Both girls want to win and their moves are awesome as the girl mash and smash each others faces with their feet until there is a winner at the end of each round and finally the match when the losers face is stepped on in total victory.

19 Min - $16.99



Under Her Smothers

SPECIAL PRICE! Super hot, totally one sided foot smother match with Kali completely destroying, dominating and humiliating her pathetic opponent, Caroline in a best 2 out of 3 foot smother match. From beginning to end, Kali is in control and she painfully trashes Caroline with awesome moves, leg scissors, belly punches and hard slaps all over her body until it's time to say good night. That's when Kali plants her hot Latina soles on her opponents face and slowly puts her to sleep 3 times in a row...the last smother is the worst! Kali actually pulls Caroline feet up to her own face and forces the loser to smother her self out, WOW!

15 Min - $12.99



DeFeeted Dita

Dita had the guts to go up against the black belt bitch herself, Bella! This was not a fight, it was TOE-tal DeFeet for poor Dita. Bella and her big bad feet stomped and kicked poor Dita's face and body over and over again! Her loud HYEE power crushing Dita with eat kick, stomp and chop! But thats not all...Bella humiliated Dita by forcing her to worship her big, hot, sweaty feet and long toes between each powerful kick and chop until Dita was weak, pathetic and ready to be finished under Bella's victorious feet!

10 Min - $9.99



You Deserve To Be Knocked Out

When Tori and Caroline meet on the mat, it can only mean one thing...Caroline is going to get her ass kicked and K.O.d 3 hot times in a row by long, sexy, drawn out moves that send Caroline to dreamland. Tori slaps on an anaconda tight sleeper, followed by a long hot foot smother and final she finishes it once and for all by slowly pulling Caroline's legs back behind her head until the poor girl snaps in half and is down for the count. After each K.O. Tori takes her time to pose victoriously over her victim and then wakes her up to do it all over again! Hot stuff by the best babes in the biz!

7 Min - $6.99



Karate Girls: Tori vs Dragonlily

SPECIAL PRICE! Dressed in red gi's, Karate Girls, Tori and Dragonlily have a best 2 out of 3 karate fight to the finish. Both girls use karate, judo and foot-jitsu to DeFeet each other in this hot fight. Girls are finished under foot and posed over by the winners sole pressed hard on the losers face until the last round where the loser is stripped and finished with stomps to the face and throat by the superior karate girl.

11 Min - $9.99



Goodnight Bitch

Caroline is in big trouble as she steps up to bad girl Tori and gets in her face! Tori totally crushes, smashes and trashes Caroline with belly punches, slaps and punishment beyond belief by KOing her 6 times in a row with sleepers, chokes, scissors, match book pin, foot smother and more! The victorious Tori poses over her pathetic opponent each time she finishes her with her hot feet all over her broken body as Caroline lays there like the broken slut she is.

11 Min - $9.99



Karate Contest

Sexy Black Belts, Tori & Caroline bow to each other as they battle it out in a best 2 out of 3 karate foot fight to the finish! Both girls use kicks, stomps and chops to DeFeet the other! Their loud KIYAS echo the room as they fight to survive this karate contest where there can only be one winner and one KOd loser!

11 Min - $10.99



Sorority Foot Fight

Sorority pledges, Tori & Bella are told that only one girl can make it into the most popular sorority in the school. They must have a best 2 out of 3 Foot Fight in order to see who will go on to become a soroity sister and will will lay KOd under the winners big victorious feet! But only one girl can win as the girls go all at it as they use their feet to fight, leg scissors, rear naked chokes, punches, kicks, HOM and long, hot foot smother KOs!

10 Min - $9.99



Humiliated By Tori

SPECIAL PRICE! Black Belts Caroline and Tori meet us in a martial arts fight to the KO finish! But, this isnt a back and forth battle, no , its a total domination and humiliation of Caroline as Tori uses her karate, judo and foot-jitsu ss to punish, KO and DeFeet her opponent three times in a row! After each finish, Tori proudly poses over Caroline with her hot feet all over her face! This clip is packed with chops, karate, judo, scissors, sleepers, foot smothers and some rounds even end with a face stomping KO!!!

8 Min - $6.99



Wake Up Bitch!

There are no words to describe how badly beaten Olivia is in this video. Tori smashes and trashes the pathetic slut with all her power. She uses foot smothers, scissors, chokes, super sexy fold in half stretches that cause Olivia to cry in pain and pass out over and over again in this SUPER KO video clip!

7 Min - $6.99



Finished By Her Feet

Tori shows off her karate, foot-jitsu and foot fighting skills as she smashes and trashes her pathetic opponent Olivia in this karate fight to the finish. Tori uses her lethal feet to kick, stomp and smother her opponent out anytime she wants. After Tori is finished with Olivia, she forces the karate slut to worship her BIG size 10 feet before finishing her off for good!

10 Min - $9.99



Miss Popular

The two most popular girls in school, Tori and Bella, meet after their classes to settle this once and for all...there is only room for one popular girl and the loser of this fight is going to be gone for good and never return to school again! The fight starts off with Bella dominating and it doesn't stop there. Tori is mercilessly KOd over and over again with all the hottest moves like rear naked chokes, foot smothers, scissors and much more with Bella stopping to pose victoriously after each KO until Tori is smashed, trashed and finished under the most popular girls feet in the school!

10 Min - $9.99



Karate, Kiss & K.O.d

SPECIAL PRICE! Foot Mode Super Stars, Bella and Caroline go toe to toe in a best 2 out of 3 karate match! Each round ends when the loser taps out, she must then kiss and worship the winners feet before being KOd and posed over! The girls throw chops, kicks, leg scissors, smothers and each round the loser is finished under foot in this awesome karate fight to the finish.

12 Min - $9.99



Over & Over

This fast paced clip is packed with ko after ko after ko as Dragonlily dominates, humiliates, wrestles and kos her weak opponent, Caroline, over and over again with kos such as hand over mouth, face siting, rear naked choke, foot choke and foot smother. Caroline barely has enough time to wake up for Dragonlily has her in another ko ending move. Dragonlily even takes the time to pose over Caroline in victory after each finish because she has nothing better to do while Caroline is laid out under foot.

10 Min - $9.99



Big Feet Karate Fight

Big footed black belts, Tori & Bella meet in the dojo and go toe to toe in s best 2 out of 3 karate foot fight to the KO finish! Both girls kick, chop, stomp and smash each other with their BIG karate skilled feet! At the end of each round one of the girls is KO by her superior rivals big feet and posed over. But the last round is the best as the loser is forced to kiss the winners feet before being karate KOd once and for all!

11 Min - $10.99



Big Soles Smother Battle

Big sassy sole smothering bad girls, Bella and Tori face off in a best 2 out of 3 foot finish battle of the big soles! Both bad girls use their highly skilled fet to smash, trash and punish each other as they fight for the right to have their victorious big soles worshiped before the winner finishes the loser under her bigger, badder and better feet!

13 Min - 12.99



Total Destruction

Dita is totally dominated, humiliated and destroyed by her arch rival, Bella! The fighting machine doesn't stop until her smaller opponent has had her face, body, breasts, belly and kitty crushed, smashed and trashed by her raw power! Bella uses scissors, belly punches, foot smothers, kitty claws, foot chokes, kitty punches and an ultra hot dragon sleeper that finishes Dita once and for all under Bella's mighty foot!

12 Min - $11.99



You're Done, Bitch!

SPECIAL PRICE! This is one of the hottest karate, foot fighting, foot-jitsu movies ever! Foot Mode Super Stars, Tori & Bella go toe to toe, sole to sole and chop to chop in this best 2 out of 3 KOs karate match where the loser is finished under foot in each round! There are kicks, chops, foot smothers and stomps to the face in this super hot movie!

13 Min - $10.99



Girl Fight

SPECIAL PRICE! Girls like to fight and they love to dominate each other with humiliating knock outs. This video is all about that kind of fighting as Foot Mode Super Stars, Orias and Tori tear each other apart in a best 2 out of 3 KOs match. The losers will be KO'd by sleeper hold, foot smother and a sexy face sit smother and then posed over with the winners superior foot all over the losers face.

17 Min - $14.99



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